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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Biker Sunday is Coming to Alford

Special testimonial service to be held at Baptist Church June 29.
The rumble of motorcycles traveling the busy corridor between Dothan, AL, and Panama City, FL, is not an unusual sound to the many residents living along Hwy 231. What is unusual will be the number of those choppers making a stop in the small town of Alford on Sunday morning.
If sleepy-eyed citizens venture a peek out their windows, they will see dozens of leather-clad men decked out in their "colors"; some will be sporting ponytails, tattoos, earrings and lots of facial hair. They are members of Christian motorcycle ministry groups from the Southeast. Many of them have a sordid past, and lived "like the devil" until a miraculous change freed them from lives of violence, addictions and lawlessness. And they are coming to Jackson County to tell about their changed lives.
Two members of the Heaven’s Saints Motorcycle Ministry will present their powerful testimonies at Alford Baptist Church Sunday, June 29th, on the devastation of drugs, alcohol and violence. Curtis Jamieson, who hails from Phoenix City, AL, "served Satan wide open for 40 years" and "never went to sleep and woke up, (he) passed out and came to". Each weekend he "could be found in the emergency room or jail". Robert Happoldt, a hard-case from Enterprise, AL, was no stranger to violence or jail. He was a dealer of meth-amphetamine until apprehended by the Alabama Drug Task Force. Curtis and Robert bring the same message of hope: miracles still happen.
The day begins with breakfast at 8 AM, followed by the Testimony service at 9 AM. There is no charge for the event, which will conclude with lunch. Alford Baptist Church is located 3 blocks east of Hwy 231, at 1764 Carolina St. Questions can be directed to Pastor Bob Johnson, at 850-573-3249.

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