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Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Workin’ At the Car Wash, Car Wash"

New Car Washing Service Opens in Marianna
Residents can now have their car detailed at any location.
Marianna residents can now have their cars washed while it sits in the parking lot while the owner is at work, or while they watch TV at home and the car sits in the driveway. Craig and Marcus Raley have equipped a vehicle with all needed instruments and materials for washing a car anyplace, anytime.
This approach is the ultimate in service, since all it takes from the owner is a phone call to tell them where to go to do the wash job for you. Owners no longer have to drive their car to the washing area and wait while the job is being completed, instead the wash comes to the car.
Prices are reasonable and the service is great. To make an appointment or to get more information, call 209-4075.

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