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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Overview of School Board Meeting

On Tuesday June 17, 2008 the regular meeting of the Jackson County School Board held its regular meeting. The following list depicts key items on the agenda.
- Three students were approved for the dual admission program at Chipola College. These students were Roderick Hewett, Jessica Bradley, and Richard Joyner, all of Sneads High School.
- Discussion was held on the possibility that the portable classrooms under construction at several schools may not be completed until mid September due to problems the contractor had with bonding requirements. This may mean that these schools will have to use other available space for the first few weeks of the school term.
- It was announced that at present there are 36 vacant teaching positions within the Jackson County system. However, there are many applications available and no staffing problems are anticipated. Bay County has had to cut over 100 teaching positions and Volusia County has cut over 450 positions. These are due to budget reductions, school closings, and efficiencies being implemented. Board members discussed the fact that since the Jackson County School System has not engaged in overstaffing and wasteful practices, those type of problems are not being experienced here.
- The Board approved numerous standing contracts with vendors and agencies involved in services to the school system.
- It was announced by School Board Attorney Frank Bondurant that the lengthy process of updating and revising the School Board Policies and Procedures Manual is nearing completion. This was necessary to bring the policies into full compliance with current federal and state rules, laws, and regulations. The finalized manual of over 400 pages will be presented to the Board for final approval and adoption within the next few meetings. Betty Duffee wanted to be sure the public is informed that there is no intention to require school uniforms in any part of these policies.

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