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Friday, June 13, 2008

Marianna Has An Open MRI Open and Doing Business

Marianna has an "open" MRI machine housed in the building on Jefferson Street that also houses the offices of Payne and Payne Dentistry. The MRI unit is owned and operated by Airis Open MRI of Marianna, and has been in business here for four years. This business is owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Keith Freudenberger, who also have similar offices in Ft. Walton and Navarre Beach, Florida.
Many people suffer from various forms of claustrophobia and become very agitated and distressed when placed in the enclosed chamber of the traditional MRI machine. That problem led to the design of the "open" MRI machine, such as the one offered at Airis. Additionally, some patients are just too large to fit comfortably into a traditional machine. In other instances the type of injury or malady may prevent bringing the arms or legs into the confines of a closed MRI unit.
"Charges for using an ‘Open MRI’ are no more than the traditional machines, in fact in many instances our charges are significantly less than the charges of larger organizations," stated owner Keith Freudenberger. The organization has five radiologists that read the images, with one usually being on site in Marianna each day. The results are normally available within 24 hours.
"We will open for special needs such as after hours and on weekends, if notified of the requirement", Keith continued. "Our operation is not as inflexible as is the case with larger companies, and we try to create a friendly, hometown atmosphere. Additionally, we want patients to know they can request use of an open MRI from their doctor when the decision is required to use MRI technology to assist in diagnosis or evaluation. "
Normally the office is open five days per week and the phone number is 850-526-2496.

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