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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Curamin 8X

Curamin 8X is the premier product to enhance the body’s natural defense mechanisms for the relief of inflammation and pain due to overuse. The unique ingredients work synergistically to offer 8 times greater bioavailability, providing enhanced absorption and longer retention in the bloodstream.
Even though Curamin is a phenomenal pain relieving product it has its limitations in terms of relieving soft tissue inflammation. Curamin 8X (CRX 791) can be used for any kind of pain and inflammation supporting joints, bowel and intestinal tract, heart function, skin health and whenever you hear the word ending in "it is". I have learned from my scientific colleagues in India that all disorders afflicting mankind can be significantly improved by the use of curcumin based on its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 80% of all diseases originate from oxidative stress or inflammation.
One or two capsules twice daily. At first it may be wise to start with 2 capsules twice daily to resolve the condition and then lower the dosage when results have been obtained. After using Curamin 8X and the problem is resolved, try reducing the dosage or eliminating it entirely. You will find it will continue to give results even weeks after it’s been discontinued. Then use it only when necessary. The formulation is designed to lengthen your own innate pain killing hormones. Therefore, it becomes stronger after continued use. It is possible that some people may only need to use Curamin 8X only 7-10 days out of a month. This of course is after the pain and inflammation has been resolved.

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