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Friday, June 6, 2008

Baggett Says Hello

By: Sid Riley

June 5, 2008

Changing of the Guard in Marianna as new Chief of Police, Hayes Baggett, is congratulated by outgoing cheif Lou Roberts. By Sid Riley
A primary order of business at the Tuesday evening meeting of the Marianna Board of City Commissioners was the swearing in of the new Chief of Police, Hayes Baggett. During the April 8 city elections Hayes Baggett won a sweeping victory over his two opponents to win the position vacated by existing Chief of Police Lou Roberts, who is entering the race for Jackson County Sheriff. As of now……Hayes Baggett is officially Chief of Police in Marianna.
Baggett, vacated his previous position with the Jackson County Probation Office a few weeks ago, in preparation for taking this new position with the City of Marianna. Hayes Baggett is a lifelong Jackson County native and graduate of Marianna High School. He holds an AA Degree from Chipola and a BS in Criminology from FSU.
When asked how he plans to approach his new job as Chief of Police, Baggett stated that he plans to "ease into the saddle", getting to know procedures and staff before considering making any changes or additions. "I already know about 80% of the employees in the Department, and I will be immediately getting to know them all," Baggett stated.
A small reception was held in Baggett’s honor at the Gazebo Restaurant after the administration of the oath of office by City Attorney, Frank Baker. Also attending that reception was the former Chief, Lou Roberts. Lou pledged to provide Baggett with any needed assistance he could provide during Baggett’s orientation period.
To Hayes Baggett the Jackson County Times says a hearty….CONGRATULATIONS!

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