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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Long Road Ahead

Bikers stop for lunch at Jim’s Buffet on way to San Francisco By Sid Riley
Recently a bikers group from Jacksonville came through Marianna and Jackson County, traveling Highway 90 on their way from Jacksonville to San Francisco California. This is part of a program to increase awareness and raise funds for the nations need for affordable housing.
The name of the program is "Bike and Build", and each cyclist has pledged to raise $4000 for the effort. It is a national program involving biking organizations throughout North America. The funds raised will be given as grants to housing groups chosen by the riders through a competitive selection process.
There are seven routes for the various biking groups to use. These include Jacksonville to San Francisco, Boston to Santa Barbara, Boston to Seattle, Providence to San Francisco, Richmond to Portland, South Carolina to San Francisco, and Providence to Seattle.
They can be contacted through

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