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Friday, June 13, 2008

Chairman of Florida Republican Party, Jim Greer Speaks at Jim’s Buffet


Republican Club of West Florida Holds Monthly Meeting
By Sid Riley
"It is now time for the Republican Party to become focused and energized. Our nation can not afford the concepts that the Democratic Candidate promises to bring to our nation. This will be the most important election within our country since World War II", he began.
With Representative Marti Coley, States Attorney Steve Meadows, and many current candidates for local, state, and national offices in attendance, the State Party Chairman energized the crowd. He praised McCain for his strength of character and conviction to the Republican ideals of fiscal restraint.
He told how McCain had been shot down over Hanoi in Vietnam and had to crash land in a lake near the center of the city. He nearly drowned before he was able to use his teeth to pull the cord to inflate his life vest, since both arms were hopelessly broken. When he made the shore, citizens attacked him by breaking his leg, kicking and beating him, and finally stabbing him in the groin, side and chest. When he was taken to the enemy camp he was thrown into a barren cell where he suffered without medical care for three weeks. He was only treated after they discovered his father was a Naval Admiral. A few weeks later they offered to release him and he refused to go without his fellow prisoners….that is strength of character. "The American public wants a principled leader, and John McCain can best fulfill that requirement", Greer stated.
Greer gave a review of the progress the Republican Party has made over the past eighteen months throughout the state. He proclaimed his belief that the party would retain it’s position at the state level and the national level. He praised the work of the local clubs in being the foundation of the growth and accomplishments of the Republican Party in Florida.
When asked if he thought Charlie Crist would be the Vice Presidential candidate chosen by McCain, he stated that Crist met most of the requirements for consideration. He stated that Florida would become a major battleground in the election, and if by the time of the Republican Convention in Minneapolis it looks as if Obama is gaining in Florida, Charlie Crist will become a very attractive choice for the job.
The partisan group gave Jim Greer a standing ovation as he rushed out of the room on his way back to Tallahassee for a meeting.

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