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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Marianna City Planning Commission Makes Sign Ordinance Recommendations

By Sid Riley
Recommendations will be forwarded to City Commission at next meeting
The Marianna City Planning Commissioners have now "tweaked" the existing Marianna sign ordinances, and are sending their recommendations forward to the City Commissioners for approval, disapproval, or further "tweaking".
Specifically, they recommended the following changes to the existing ordinances which many local businesses have complained are too restrictive.
- They recommended allowing use of small "A" frame signs placed in front of retail businesses during normal business hours. These must be no larger than 2 ft wide, 3.5 ft high, and can not impede pedestrian flow or vehicle traffic vision. Only one per business is to be allowed.
- They recommended allowing special sales events banners, balloons and streamers for up to five days, once per quarter, with the acquisition of a permit for the event at least five days in advance.
- They recommended enactment of a citation ordinance to enforce the sign ordinances.
- They did not recommend changing any sign rules for residential areas.
- They recommended allowing computerized changeable copy signs, but animation and flashing light signs are not allowed.
- They recommended allowing only flush mounted back lit signs for logos and letters.

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