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Friday, June 6, 2008

Elvis Lives!!

June 5, 2008
By: Sid Riley

The music and mystique of Elvis Presley has endured the passage of time and the aging of generations. Those screaming teen girls wearing bobby socks and penny loafers are now mature women in their sixties and seventies, but for many the teenage crush they had for Elvis still has a place in their heart. This secret, lasting love affair they still hold for the "King of Rock and Roll" has created a need for Elvis impersonators, who for a few minutes are able to rekindle those hot emotions within these matronly fans.
A basic need for this pre-geriatric female flock of Elvis fans is being fulfilled in the Jackson County area by Brian McKeithan who has developed an Elvis performance complete with white jump suit, scarves, "DA" hairdo with sideburns, a full array of Elvis music, and a deep suggestive voice, all of which is complimented with an occasional pelvic gyration. His show starts with the famous "2001 Theme" and "See See Rider. It makes the old hearts flutter.
McKeithan, who is only 29 years old and never really experienced the Presley mania, says that 1n 1987 on the tenth anniversary of the death of Elvis when Brian was only eight years old he was watching television when the famous "Aloha from Hawaii" special was shown. "I was overwhelmed with excitement, and asked my mom who this man was. She proceeded to tell me, and as we continued to watch the show she would inject stories about him. This heightened my intrigue and fascination with this great showman. I believe I decided that night to learn his songs. As I grew older my folks bought me documentaries, books, and movies about Elvis."
In the forth grade McKeithan began standing up and singing and acting like Elvis, at his teacher’s request. Then in the seventh grade he made his first real appearance as Elvis during a half time performance of the Marianna Middle School Band. During this show Brian got out of a police car and danced and performed to "Hound Dog", dressed in a white suit adorned with red rhinestones. From that moment he was hooked on being an Elvis impersonator. He has been performing at every opportunity since that time.
Since he graduated from Marianna High School in 1998, and then did tenure at Wallace college for two years, he has been working with his dad as co-operator of the Caverns Golf Course,. His wife, January, says she enjoys seeing Brian perform. They also have a thirteen month old son, Brice.
Brian McKeithan has been regularly doing his Elvis act at numerous organizational parties, banquets, festivals, reunions and birthday parties throughout the Northwest Florida area. He has even performed in Panama City at Club La Vela and the "Paint and Pork" festival in Marianna.
So if you or your organization is planning some event and you want to be "All Shook Up", or you "Can’t Help Falling In Love", "That’s All Right!". ‘Don’t Be Cruel", just let your friends be amazed at "The Wonder of You" for arranging for Elvis to be at your event. He can be reached at the Caverns Golf Course, 850-482-4257.

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