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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Declared Candidate for U.S. Representative in Florida’s Second Congressional District


On May 1st Dr. Mark Mulligan, of Panama City, declared his candidacy to run for the office of U.S. Representative for Florida’s Second Congressional District.
Mulligan holds three degrees in Communications from Florida State University, the most recent a PhD in Mass Communication, Mulligan will run as a Republican in the primary election to be held on August 26th. Mulligan, who is 47, has 30 years work experience in the private sector as well as working as a computer technology instructor in the Bay District school system.
He made the decision to run for U.S. Congress after hearing the many complaints from the public about the direction our country is headed. Mulligan is running on the theme of "New Solutions – New Direction – New Hope", with emphasis on energy independence, addressing the complicated immigration issues, reducing governmental spending, and reducing the national debt. "We are on the verge of an economic emergency and we must start operating our government like shrewd business people if we are going to climb out of our nearly 10 trillion dollar debt."
Mulligan believes in order to restore the voter’s trust and confidence among the people. "We must start solving the serious problems, one problem at a time if we have to." He also believes "we must restore and protect Social Security to start winning their trust. Fixing Social Security could be considered the first domino that gets knocked over in a positive direction," he proclaims.
Born in Panama City, Mulligan has deep roots in the Florida panhandle, is a 6th generation Floridian, and currently resides in Panama City with his wife and two daughters. In the next three months Mulligan will be campaigning in all 16 counties in the district where he wants to make personal contact with as many voters as possible. Florida’s Second Congressional District stretches over 200 miles long, from parts of Okaloosa County and extends eastward to Dixie County. Bay County and Leon County have the largest population of registered voters.
His working knowledge of how legislation is created and debated in Congress, along with his work experience in sales, marketing, and promotion has provided him with the background and training to meet the public firsthand. He is eager to listen to the voters and learn their opinions on the issues.
Dr. Mulligan states that "although the national issues are of great concern and effect each and every one of us, we must also stay focused on the many issues that directly impact Florida."
A successful win in the August 26th primary will position Mulligan to run in the general election, where the incumbent has served for 12 consecutive years. Mark Mulligan feels it is time for a change in the congressional leadership for the Big Bend / Panhandle areas.
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