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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Letters to the Editor 7/17/08

Dear Editor
Your recent article about electricity charges interested me. I got out last year’s bill for this time and compared it to this year’s bill. Last year’s service period was from 05/29 to 06/28 and this year’s was from 05/29 to 06/30.
The figures I used in my calculations are:
2007 2008
Customer Charge 10.00 12.00
Base Energy per KWH 0.01433 0.02025
Fuel Adjustment per KWH 0.04420 0.07610
These three add up to the Electric Service Amount
This was: $113.01 $184.93
Kwh used 1760 1720
To get the cost per KWH, I subtracted the customer charge from the Electric Sevice Amount, and divided the result by the number of KWH used. For 2007 this came out to 0.05853 (rounded off). For 2008 I got 0.10054. To calculate the increase I divided the 2008 figure by the 2007 figure and got 1.71775 times more per KWH in 2008. That is a 71.775% increase.
Interestingly, their figures for cost per KWH add up to 0.09635, which is a little less than my figures showed.
I have the statements if you would like to check them for yourself to avoid being accused of printing "false figures"
These figures do not include the Florida Gross Receipts Tax and the Jackson County Franchise Fee.
I expect you to check the calculations for accuracy.
Earl Mayhall Marianna, FL

To the Editor:
With reference to Dr. Cook’s article about cavities and how he depicts proper care, citing 3 ways, using an anology of a 3-legend stool. (A 3-legged stool is rarely seen in furniture design.)
He forgot a fourth leg--"aged fillings". This is the biggest culprit for patients over 50 years of age.
Once aged, fissures develop and often are not picked up by the x-ray. An abess results. The tooth gets extracted. I’ve seen this happen time and again.
With our deligent care, we place our teeth in the hands of a dentist. He has obligation to suggest this "4th leg" process. This is never done. I implore all dentist to make this happen. Then and only then will our teeth be cared for properly by the dentist.
Joanne-Marie DeWeese
Certified Teacher & Nutritionist

Dear Editor:
Dewey, my husband died in January 15, 2005 and I had to retire due to health problems four months later, May 15, 2005. So you can see these last two years have been difficult for me. My family, friends, church family, and Scarlet & Red Hat Society have been there to encourage me or just listen.
However, being a very active person in the past, I made the decision become more active in my community. As 2006 was winding down and the anniversary of Dewey’s death loomed on the horizon I kept remembering how Dewey would say "I’m so glad to be home" when we reached the Alford City Limit sign after returning form trips. This was especially true on his many, many return trips from the hospital. I know our citizens feel this same relief as they enter Alford, so I decided to talk to people and have my ideas presented to Alford Town Council concerning ways we can enrich our town.
Mayor George Gay, the Town Council, and Sylvester Tharp, town clerk, are striving to move our town in a new direction. They listen to the citizens, are willing to make changes, and volunteer their time freely. With their encouragement and the volunteer efforts of others we know we can make a difference in The Town of Alford. This is the reason we decided to create "Alford Beautification Organization". This organization will formulate goals, create fundraising, volunteer time, etc. to help improve our town.
I have included a copy of the invitation, additional goals, and names of some people for you to call so they can comment about how excited we are about this project. See column on the left.
Submitted by:
Peggy Mills
Retired Jackson County Teacher & Citizen of Alford

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