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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Junior Shade Tree Chefs Award

Junior Shade Tree Chefs awarded this awesome 4’x6’ Superior Grill to local Arts Festival’s BBQ competitor, Mike Calhoun on Wednesday, July 2 2008. Joshua S. Christian Ministries, lead by local educator John M. Wynn, used this grill as a fund raiser and to promote awareness of its efforts in teaching underachieving, disadbantaged kids Business Education and Entrepreneurship. This effort stems from research indicating significant grade increases, by students, when Business Education and Entrepreneurship is successfully taught together. The organization is structuring itself to teach entrepreurship through different modules. This module, named "Junior Shade Tree Chefs." is designed to teach catering through 100% wood cooked barbeque. Through the help of their mentor Robert Worsley, an award winning, national bbq competitor, the kids will learn how to bbq and cater by using award winning Butt Rub seasoning and Award winning Ole Ray’s sauces. In addition, students will learn money management, marketing, pricing, etc. and must demonstrate what they learn by catering to our local community servants. During this promotion, Marianna City Hall, Jackson COunty School Board, Department of Juvenile Justice, Marianna Fire Department, Marianna Police Department, Jackson County Sheriff Department, U.S. Post Office and others, has or will receive a bbq catered lunch, free of charge, as a foreshadowing of what the program is designed to provide.

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