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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DAR Announces Essay Contest Topics


Local students will vie for over $500 in prizes to be given in December to winners of the DAR American History Essay Contest (for grades 5-8) and the Christopher Columbus Essay Contest (for grades 9-12.) Chipola Chapter, NSDAR sponsors both contests. The deadline to enter is November 15, 2008. Research should begin as soon as possible as a complete bibliography of sources is required and considered by the judges.
The topic for the DAR American History Essay is "The Ideals of the Gettysburg Address." The essay must consider the following, "What message did the Gettysburg Address communicate to our war-torn nation in 1863? How are the ideals articulated in the speech still relevant for our country today?" The length of the essay for fifth graders is 300 to 600 words and students in grades 6-8 must write 600 to 1,000 words.
The topic for the Christopher Columbus Essay Contest is "Five Perils That Challenged Christopher Columbus." The essay must consider the following, "Discuss five perils faced by Christopher Columbus’ expedition(s) and how Columbus and his crews overcame them. These may be natural perils or perils brought on by the task of leading an expedition of several ships and crew members through uncharted waters. Which of these same perils continue to threaten ships and how have advances in technology changed the way sailors cope with these challenges today?" This essay may not be more than 750 words.
For additional information and complete guidelines please contact DAR American History Chairman Mary Robbins at or (850) 209-4066.

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