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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cottondale School Reunion

By: Sid Riley

Often fund raisers are not much fun. That was certainly not the case in Alford Friday evening as the community held a special event and dinner as a "homecoming" for Cottondale classmates. Over 125 people attended the event, and everyone came away with a rekindling of fond memories, strengthened friendships, a continuing sense of "belonging", and a stomach filled with good ole Southern home cooking.
Mayor George Gay, the Town Council, and City Clerk Sylvester Tharp along with the Alford Community Association have embarked on a program to raise funds which will be used to beautify the community with added landscaping, plants, flowers, and other needed items. The ACO was formed as a non-profit organization for this purpose on April 16. Hosting this event was a fund raising effort for the ACO.
The goal is to create a more positive image of the community, where groomed yards are seen instead of junk, overgrown brush, and garbage. Alford can be converted into a quaint, beautiful town. This effort will enhance the city, and will improve property values. Peggy Yon Mills was made the first President of the Alford Community Organization, J.W. Dilmore is VP, Faye Melvin, Secretary, and Charlene Smith, Treasurer.
So, in the coming months do not be surprised if you see an upsurge in community activities, community spirit, and volunteer fund raising events in Alford. These efforts will then be followed by a visual transformation as one travels through the town. The large crowd of supporting attendees at this first, "kickoff" event testifies to the hometown spirit that thrives in Alford and the bonds that will forever link those Cottondale class mates.

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