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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Marianna Sign Ordinance May Get "Tweaked" At Wednesday’s Meeting

Staff Recommends Two Changes From Five Recommended By Planning Commission By Sid Riley
It appears that no huge changes in Marianna’s existing sign ordinances will come from the requests and concerns of numerous businesses that feel they are being negatively impacted from what some business owners perceive as "the anti-business attitude" of Marianna’s elected officials. Two changes are going forward from the administrative staff as recommendations to the City Commissioners for approval. These are:
- Allowing 2ft. X 3.5 ft. "A" frame sidewalk sign in front of businesses during business hours.
- Allowing banners, balloon, and streamers for five days, once per quarter with obtaining a permit from the City five days in advance.
Other sign recommendations that are not being recommended for passage by the administrative staff are:
- Changing restrictions on nonconforming signs in residential districts.
- Allowing changeable copy signs
- Allowing box back lit signs
Altering of the restrictions on sign sizes was never considered.
Along with these changes, the staff has recommended passage of a more rigorous procedure for enforcement of sign and nuisance ordinances, along with a hefty fine schedule.

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