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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eddie Hendry, Wants to Represent You in Washington

By: Sid Riley

Eddie Hendry was born in 1959 in Taylor County Florida. He attended High School at Godby in Tallahassee, and then attended college at The Citadel, in Charleston, South Carolina where he earned a Bachelors of Science Degree in Political Science. He also graduated with honors, and was on the Dean’s List, and was a Distinguished Military Graduate. Eddie also played baseball while at the Citadel.
He then entered the U.S. Army as an officer, rising to the rank of Captain and serving as a Company Commander. He earned the American Legion Military Excellence Award.
From 1986 until the present time he has worked in private industry, in management and in sales. He is currently a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company.
Eddie Hendry and his wife, Angela have two children, Courtney (17), and Grant (14). They attend the Fellowship Presbyterian Church, where he is an Elder. He is also an active member of the Tallahassee Republican Party, and the American Diabetes Association.
Hendry has made the decision to seek the Congressional position because he feels he can help create a group of active legislators that will be able to move our nation away from the perils of our time and back into a period of peace and prosperity.
Hendry’s political philosophy is one of "minimization of federal government and return of control of many decisions back to the State Governments. He is a conservative Republican. His specific stands on pertinent issues are:
- Creation of a short and long term energy policy that will move our nation away from foreign oil dependence over the next twenty years. "We should immediately begin to drill off shore and any where there are reserves. Which will hurt Florida tourism the most, off shore drilling or $7.00 per gallon gas?"
- Hendry feels the "Fair Tax" would improve our outdated tax system.
- Feels the immigration issue is not one of passing more laws…it is an issue of enforcing the laws we have. He favors immigration, but only LEGAL immigration.
- Favors reducing federal control over areas that should be under States control, such as Education, Health Care, and Transportation. Favors elimination of wasteful pork barrel "earmarks".
- Favors letting the military control events in Iraq and Afghanistan, not politicians.
- Feels that each State should devise the best delivery system for its citizens. Feels program costs can be reduced if health care is managed by the states instead of the Federal government.
- Favors recognizing that our nation and society is a faith based society, built on Christian beliefs. "While we must respect other religions and beliefs, they must not take the place of our cultural and societal foundations.
"If we keep sending the same people to Congress term after term, how can we expect to realize different results," Hendry states emphatically. Eddie Hendry can be reached through

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