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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tax Reapers +100%....Tax Payers 0


For second year in a row, no adjustments are recognized for taxpayers By Sid Riley
Commissioner Jeremy Branch, Commissioner Ed Crutchfield, School Board Member Kenny Griffin, Joey Woodruff, and Jan Poller felt that the appraisals of the Property Appraiser’s office were 100% correct in every instance where taxpayers felt they had been mistreated and had filed an appeal. This was the second consecutive year the panel has turned a deaf ear to all appeals.
Many of the appeals came from property owners in the Compass Lake in the Hills development where during the property sales boom of 2006 property values in the area apparently soared from $2500 per lot to over $16,000. Even though the particular lots might not have been sold at the higher value, the tax roll increased the appraisal based on sales of similar lots in the area. In today’s market, they are approaching the pre-boom value, but the tax appraisal has remained at the inflated value. It will be interesting to see what values are put on these properties on next year’s tax roll.

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