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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chipola Foundation Awards 1,112 Scholarships This Semester


Over 2500 applications were submitted for scholarships.
The Chipola College Foundation awarded a record number of 1,112 scholarships for the Fall 2008 semester totaling $1,136,123.
The Foundation received 2,576 applications for various scholarships and 389 McLendon Educational Trust Scholarship applications for Fall 2008 semester funding. The Foundation also processed 918 applications that are forwarded to off-campus scholarship committees for review.
The increased activity represents a 30 percent surge in scholarship applications and a 20 percent boost in total awards over Fall of 2007. Aid from the foundation has more than doubled since 2006 when only 690 awards were made totaling $666,075.
The Foundation has current assets totaling $14.4 million. The majority of funds are secured in endowments with only the interest used to fund scholarships.
Chipola Foundation president Chuck Hudson, says, "The Foundation board members are proud that so many students are benefiting from the generosity of the many donors in our community."
Application deadline is Oct. 16 for spring semester awards from the McLendon Educational Trust Scholarship. The extensive list of all scholarships offered through the Chipola Foundation for the 2009-2010 school year will be available in early March.
The Chipola Foundation welcomes tax-deductible contributions to existing funds and programs and the creation of new scholarships.
For information about the Chipola Foundation, call Julie Fuqua at 850-718-2478.

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