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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sneads High Seeks Missing Class Composites


In an effort to complete the display of class portrait composites for Sneads High School, school representatives are asking for the help of the community. After the previous school burnt in 1991, Ms. Betty Jean Edwards was gracious enough to diligently work to restore the collection of class composites of graduating classes from 1928 to 1990. However, Ms. Edwards was unable to replace the class composites for the Classes of 1948, 1952, and 1953.
In place of portrait composites of the classmates in the classes of 1930, 1931, 1933, 1965, and 1936 only a list of names is hung. The Sneads High School faculty, staff, administration, and alumni would like to see the composite collection completed with pictures from each of these classes.
Therefore, they are asking that anyone with pictures or names of these class members please contact the school. In an effort to complete the display prior to homecoming, November 7, 2008, they are asking for anyone with pictures or yearbooks from these class years to contact Holli Fears at 850-482-9004 ext. 247 or Mindy Howell at 850-482-9004 ext. 245 as soon as possible.

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