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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Potential New Ethanol Plant is Subject of Program for Campbellton Senior Citizens Meeting


CAMPBELLTON SENIOR CITIZENS held their monthly meeting recently. Adeka Kuscmaul from the Busy Bee Quilt Shop displayed samples of her quilts and other items from the shop and invited everyone to come see her; she’s not only teaching quilting but has a room set aside for small group meetings/showers, etc.
As the program for the meeting, Lee Hatch from East Coast Ethanol did a slide presentation of their plans to build an ethanol plant in the Campbellton area. He expects the plant to be operational in a couple of years. Of particular interest to the farmers was his encouragement for them to plant "Dent" corn, which they will be using; he stated most of the corn will be shipped in by rail from the West, but that corn grown locally would bring a premium price.
New club officers for the coming year were elected as follows: President, Teresa Carver; Vice President, Aggie Curry; Secretary/Treasurer, Judy Daniel and Brenda Griffin; Hospitality, Rev. James and Persey Robinson;. New Board of Directors are: Tom Whiddon, Lois Foy, Grenda Griffin, Dorothy Britt, Ben Graves, and Quillian Carver.

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