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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sheriff Deputies Give Numerous Tickets At Cornerstone Restaurant

By: Sid Riley

On Thursday evening, before Fay reached us, deputies from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office were handing out tickets at the Cornerstone Restaurant. However, these were tickets of a different variety, since they only involved the food charges for a delicious meal the deputies had just served the patrons of the restaurant that evening. In a combined effort with the ownership and staff of the Cornerstone Restaurant, the Sheriff’s fund raising team volunteered to be the servers at the outdoor bar-B-Q event held on behalf of the March of Dimes.
"I will never leave a restaurant without properly tipping the server", declared Corporal Sean Hill. "I have a new and deeper appreciation for the work they have to do". He and co-deputy server, Jeff O’Pry worked diligently until the 9:00 closing time. The event and all of the volunteer effort raised $429.00 for the March of Dimes.
These funds will be combined with other fund raising teams as part of the annual "March for Babies" walk-a-thon which will be held at Citizens Lodge on September 20.
This fund raiser at the Cornerstone included live music by Joe Rutherford, who volunteered his time. Also the regular staff of the Cornerstone, Kaitlin, Megan, and John also devoted their evening to the effort as volunteers.
So, a grand time was enjoyed by all who came. They were treated to great food, fine music, and an opportunity to harass the deputies.
Watch for future information on the upcoming walk-a-thon fund raiser, or contact

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