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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Indiana Youth Group On Mission At BCF


A youth group from Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Vincennes, Indiana, arrived at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville on July 26 with intentions to serve. Youth Minister, Shane Breidenbaugh, heard about several mission opportunities on campus from his brother, BCF Adjunct Professor Joel Breidenbaugh.
Making the long day and night journey, the youth arrived in the Sunshine State and were able to visit the beach briefly before starting to work. The group of fourteen students, along with their chaperones, had a full week with various missions projects located on the BCF campus.
The youth group began their week of service by cleaning and preparing the male dorm for the upcoming fall semester. They also painted the speed bumps around the recently paved parking lot, moved furniture into the new dorms and replaced ceiling tiles in several buildings on campus.
According to the youth, the hardest job by far was prepping and painting Lakeside Hall, one of the large male dorms on campus. They had to pressure wash the outside of the dorm and then began applying the paint on the rough textured exterior. Garrett Mercer, one of the Ridgecrest youth, stated that his favorite job, "Was painting these walls!"
Not all of their time was spent working; each night the youth made time for worship and bible study. Nathan Ziglar, BCF Lead Graphic Designer/Webmaster and Youth Minister at Damascus Baptist Church in Graceville, led the group in bible study each night. "I was blessed to lead these students with lessons from the Sermon on the Mount this week," stated Ziglar. "My hope is for each of them to understand Jesus’ call for us to change our lifestyle so that we can better serve Him."
"We have done a lot of work this week," stated Ridgecrest Youth Minister Breidenbaugh. "But we’ve also had a lot of fun. We have worked hard, played hard, and slept hard." BCF maintenance crew said, "The youth provided a tremendous service to the College. The campus looks better and we’re well on our way to the new school year."
To learn more about how you can get involved in BCF mission projects, contact 800-328-2660 ext. 431.

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