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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Local Woman Prepares To Be Part of History Making Event

By Sid Riley

Judy Mount eagerly awaits upcoming trip to Democratic Convention in Denver
"I just can’t wait! I’ve been packed for two weeks and I am absolutely ready for this experience of my lifetime!" Judy Mount excitedly states with a broad smile and bright glimmer of anticipation in her eyes. She is heading out of Tallahassee for Denver, Colorado on August 23. She will be one of the elected "Party Leaders and Elected Official" delegates within the Florida delegation at the National Democratic Convention. These credentials give her VIP designation at many of the scheduled functions. We can all watch for her on national television.
Judy should be easily recognizable since she will be wearing an especially designed jacket that promotes the state of Florida, Jackson County, and Marianna. Appliqués of Florida beaches, the FSU logo, Osceola, the Florida Flag, a Jackson County tractor, peanuts, and wording across the back "Marianna, Florida" should make it apparent to the national audience where this gal is from.
Judy Mount is the daughter of Allen and Bernice Smith (both deceased). She was raised in Malone, and graduated from Malone High School. She has a daughter, Janna, who is currently attending school at Troy State University while she also lives in Troy, and works for the City of Troy.
Judy worked in Tallahassee for the Florida House of Representatives for 5 years, and prior to that worked for the Florida Black Business Investment Board. She also has worked as the administrative assistant to the Jackson County Manager, and as Administrative Secretary at JJOCC at Dozier. She is also the current local Democratic Committee Chairperson and is working actively to promote her party and the slate of Democratic candidates. Of course at the national level, she is a devoted Obama supporter.
"Being an African American, and being raised in the southern black culture, I am overcome with emotion when I think of being present when the first black American citizen is nominated to be President of the United States of America. It will be a history making moment and I will be part of it. I know I will cry tears of joy on my pillow when I attempt to go to sleep the night of his acceptance speech." Judy relates in an emotion filled voice. "I plan to gather and bring back as much memorabilia as possible. Years from now I want to be able to show those items to my grandchildren, and proudly tell them I was there!"
The delegate dispute with the national leadership has been resolved, and the Florida delegation will be seated with full voting privileges. Thus, Judy will have the experience of casting a vote for the first black presidential candidate in our nation’s history, Barack Obama.
Judy was one of five women elected statewide from the Democratic Party Leadership from Obama’s state allotment, receiving 856 votes out of a possible 1,000. Her credentials will be at a level above that of a delegate, thus allowing her to participate in special, private events during the convention. The week will be filled with meetings on platform development during the days and celebrity filled events and receptions during the evenings.
One day of the trip will be dedicated to performing social services in the Denver area. These services include working in the inner city, working with the poor and elderly, and parks clean-up. Judy plans to take part in a clean-up program.
Judy has previously met Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. In fact, on one occasion several years ago, she dined with the rising political figure from Illinois. She hopes to get to speak to him again while at the convention.
Congratulations to Judy Mount. She has worked diligently for what she believes in, and certainly deserves this memorable experience as her reward.

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