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Friday, August 8, 2008

Busted In Grand Ridge

By: Sid Riley

On Friday two men in Grand Ridge lost over $150,000. They lost this money by taking a big gamble…..and they lost.
Sheriff McDaniel and the top men in several area municipal police forces, as well as agents from D.P.L.E. and the Florida Highway Patrol proudly stood in the back room of the Sheriff’s Department, in front of a table loaded with bales of marijuana, some cocaine, $86,000 in cash, and a small arsenal of weapons. This was the loot which was captured in the local drug bust executed in Grand Ridge on Friday. The action was the result of an extended undercover operation.
Travis Walker and Carlos Edenfield of Grand Ridge were arrested on drug trafficking charges. Edenfield attempted to flee during his arrest, but only made it a short distance eastbound on Old Spanish Trail before overturning his vehicle and being captured.
So, their drug customers in the area will have to drive a little further to feed their habits. And the war against drugs goes on. The Jackson County Times congratulates Sheriff McDaniel, all of the agencies involved, and the Jackson County Drug Task force for cleaning out this local cesspool.

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