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Thursday, August 14, 2008

McChapel’s Second "Save the Children" Event


The McChapel AME Church under the pastorage of the Rev. Mary D. Myrick recently held their second "Save the Children" event.
Associate Minister Jessica Muse and the educational committee came together once again to promote positive ongoing coaching for the youth. The "Save the Children" event, which was held June 28th, brought over 70 Jackson County youth and adults to share in a positive direction.
The administrators for this session were Minister Jessica Muse and Sis. Fannie Collins. Sister Collins administered and had question/answer sessions relating to healthy choices/food. Such as "What should we eat/drink"; How much should we consume, and when should we eat/drink?
Minister Muse had question/answer sessions relating to making healthy choices for the Christian Body. How can we use our bodies for Christ?
Youth as well as adults took part in many games, and outdoor wet activities. Three gift cards were given out. Everyone was served grilled hot dogs, grilled and Bar-B-Cued chicken, potato salad, baked beans, chips, cantaloupe and a cold drink.
Once again, and always, the main focus is that the organizers refuse to hand the kids over to juvenile justice/prison system, and as adults, they will do everything in their power to prepare the kids for the future.
The McChapel AME Church invites ALL youth to attend the next "Save the Children" event which will be held September 27th, at 9:30 AM. For more information call 352-3383.

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