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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Graceville Harvest Festival Beauty Pageant

Submit applications by September 18
The 27th Annual Harvest Festival Pageant, sponsored by the City of Graceville, will be held Friday, September 26th and Saturday, September 27th at 6:30 PM at the Graceville Civic Center. The entry fee is $50 with all proceeds going to the Graceville Harvest Day Celebrations. The Graceville Harvest Festival Pageant is an open pageant.
To enter, return applications by September 18th along with the entry fee. Checks should be made payable to the City of Graceville. Applications should be mailed to Bush Paint and Supply, Attn: Teresa Bush, Pageant Director, 971 6th Avenue, Graceville, Florida 32440. Applications can be personally delivered by September 18, 2008 deadline.
Winners will receive a large trophy, large crown and banner. Alternates and participants will receive trophies. Photo packages will be available. A $4 per adult door admission applies to all individuals with exception of contestants. Admission is free to children three years old and under.
The Graceville Harvest Festival Pageant is an open pageant and would be an excellent opportunity for National Peanut Festival pageant participants, since this will be the final pageant prior to the NPF pageant. For more information call Teresa Bush (daytime) 263-4744, (nighttime) 263-3072, or contact Michelle Watkins, City of Graceville 263-3250.
September 26th 6:30 PM (Friday night)
Baby Miss: 0-12 months- Sunday wear
Toddler Miss: 13-23 months- Heirloom or Sunday Attire
Tiny Miss: 2-3 years- Pageant wear
Future Little Miss: 4-5 years- Pageant wear
Little Miss: 6-7 years- Pageant wear
September 27th 6:30 PM (Saturday night)
Petite Miss: 8-9 years- Pageant wear
Miss Pre-Teen: 10-12 years- Pageant wear
Jr. Miss: 13-14 years- Pageant wear
Teen Miss: 15-16 years- Pageant wear
Miss: 17-21 years- Pageant wear

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