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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Locals Responding to a Fellow Citizen in Need

Businesses and professionals donate of themselves to aid local woman

By Sid Riley

Once again the people of Jackson County are demonstrating their generosity and caring for their fellow man by coming to the aid of someone in need. A local woman, Brandi Pervis was recently diagnosed with a severe form of cancer, GIST, and will be incurring huge medical expenses as she fights for her life. She has no one to turn to for help, and has no health insurance.

As part of a community response, on Saturday morning at the Payne and Payne dental clinic on Jefferson Street, the clinic sponsored a “teeth cleaning” fund raising day for Brandi, named “Smiles for Brandi”. They cleaned the teeth of over thirty people, and raised approximately $1200 in charges and donations for the fund. Dr. Robert Payne, four hygienists and four assistants took part in the benefit.

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