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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gold Medal With A Special Meaning

At a recent Rotary meeting in Marianna, member Walter Spence introduced his grandsons, Steve and Parker Spence to the members. He then had Steve explain the special significance of a large Gold Medal which Parker wore around his neck.

The medal first appeared many years ago when it was won in a school contest by their Father, Dr. Steven Spence, when he was in grammar school. Years later, he gave the medal to his son Steve. Recently, Parker competed at Sunland in the local “Special Olympics” events. The evening before the event, he told the family he “wanted to win a gold medal, just like they win in the Olympics.”

The next day he won the 50 meter dash. In response to his younger brother’s desires, Steve, who is now in the 8th grade, found the medal and ceremoniously awarded it to his brother, Parker. The future Olympian now proudly wears the medal, which has become a family treasure.

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