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Friday, June 12, 2009

Separated By Years, Yet Joined By The Strings of Their Instruments

Young Musician Offers Testimonial To Millard Hatcher, Well Known, Long Time Local Musician
By Sid Riley

This week a bright fifteen year old boy came into our offices on Madison Street with a picture of himself and Millard Hatcher, a well known local musician who spent his life serving the Lord through playing at hundreds of churches proclaiming his faith through his talent. The young lad was Carlon Dilmore, a student at Victory Christian Academy in Sneads and also a very talented musician. The picture was taken of Carlon and Millard Hatcher playing together at the Easter service at Victory Christian Chapel.

“It was taken on Easter Sunday”, Carlon explained. “It was the first time I was privileged to play with this great musician, and it was his last performance before he died on May 4. My short time with him had a profound impact on me as a person, the strength of my faith, and my resolve to use my talent in the service of the Lord.”

“Carlon is one of the best players in the southeast, maybe the best in the country!” exclaimed James Earl Cloud, his proud Grandfather. Cloud was a Jackson County Commissioner for District 5, in the early 1990’s.

“Mr. Millard Hatcher could have made it big in religious music if he had wanted to”, Carlon explained. “Instead he chose to stay in Jackson County and serve the Lord here at home. He played with such notables as Jim Williams and the Stanley Brothers, and recorded a great CD entitled “Memories of Mom and Dad”.

Carlon can usually be found playing for the congregation at the Dellwood Baptist Church on most Sunday’s, with his family proudly sitting in a pew near the front.

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