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Thursday, June 4, 2009

JCSO Reports Arrest of Registered Sex Offender

On Monday the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office received information regarding a parole violation for one of the county’s registered sex offenders, identified as Roy Bush. Information received during a child abuse investigation was that Roy Bush might be living at a residence other than the residence where he was registered as required by Florida Law.
During the investigation it was revealed that Roy Bush, 51 years of age, with a registered address 2745 Fleetwood Drive, had in fact been living at a residence in the Marianna area other than this registered address.
Bush had been released in April from the Florida Department of Corrections and returned to live in Jackson County. As a result of the findings of this investigation against Roy Bush, a criminal complaint was filed with the Office of State Attorney in order to obtain a warrant for the arrest of Bush. Roy Bush was then taken into custody on the afternoon of 06/01/2009, and is currently incarcerated in the Jackson County Correctional Facility awaiting first appearance in court.
The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office continues to monitor the location of registered Sex Offenders in Jackson County. Anyone with information about a Sex Offender/Predator known to be in violation of Florida Law is asked to contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office @ 482-9624 or CRIMESTOPPERS@ 526-5000.

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