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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Missions CelebrationHeld at BCF


"The Missions Celebration has been an absolute blessing!" Those were the words of Lauren Parnell, Missions Coordinator at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville, when asked to reflect on the August 18-20 summer mission reports given during chapel services. Traditionally, BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen preaches during the first week of chapel, encouraging students through God’s Word, but for the Fall 2008 semester the chapel took on a new beginning with challenging and adventurous stories from BCF’s summer mission projects.
Monday, August 18, Rich Elligson, Assistant Professor of Missions and former IMB Missionary to Brazil, began the Missions Celebration with stories from his trip to Cururupu, Brazil, where BCF has a ministry partnership. Elligson challenged the students by stating, "Missions isn’t a vacation to an exotic location. It’s hard work!" Following Elligson, Robin Jumper, Dean of Faculty and Professor of Missions, approached the pulpit along with a group of students who spent ten days in Jacksonville, FL, doing inner-city missions with Words to Works Ministries.
John Thomas, Assistant Professor of Preaching and Pastoral Ministry, and six students spent the Tuesday service sharing the "obstacle to opportunity" missions experience they encountered during their trip to Ayacucho, Peru in early July. "I began to pray during our trip for the abundant life Jesus talks about," stated Peru team member Krista Brown. "It was during this trip that God showed me that I am already living the abundant life. Sharing Christ is the way to obtain abundant life and that’s what we were doing!"
On Wednesday, Parnell and the Wisconsin mission team closed the opening week of chapel with reports from their July trip to the post-modern culture of Portage, WI. Through fair ministry and disaster relief, the students touched the lives of many and were able to encourage a young church, River of Life, in the work they are doing for God’s Kingdom.
According to Parnell, the Missions Celebration at BCF is just the beginning of another great year of missions. Students are getting more involved than ever thanks to the week of missions-filled chapel services. Parnell is now looking forward to the Spring 2009 Missions Conference and the impact it will have on BCF students.
For more information on BCF missions opportunities, contact 800-328-2660 x460.

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