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Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Marianna Day" Celebrates the Battle of Marianna


The William Henry Milton Chapter 1039 is grateful to Marianna Police Chief Hayes Baggett for his E-Bay discovery of Miss Roberta Milton Carter’s personal copy of "Marianna Day" printed in 1919 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy Chapter to raise funds for the Confederate Monument in downtown Marianna which honors those who gave their life in the Battle of Marianna 144 years ago, September 27, 1864.
A rare find, Miss Carter’s signature is located on the top of the title page of the book. Miss Roberta Carter (August 7, 1903 – July 5, 1988), great-grand daughter of Governor John Milton, daughter of Roberta Hearn Milton (September 20, 1867 – March 1, 1961), and John Hardin Carter, Sr. (June 30, 1865 – November 11, 1942) was a teacher of American History for many years at Marianna High School on Daniel Street. Miss Roberta’s mother was a charter member of the William Henry Milton Chapter 1039, organized in 1906, and served as Chapter Historian in 1950.
The 2008 William Henry Milton Chapter reprint of the 29-page narrative "Marianna Day" explains the origin of Marianna Day and honors the memory of the heroes who gave their lives for the home they loved. The book also contains the writings of individuals of the time when the Battle of Marianna was fought. They include: a five-page writing by Henry Robinson, Assistant Surgeon, 5th Florida Calvary, CSA; an address by Judge Benjamin S. Liddon: a letter from Dr. Charles C. Burke, Second Lieutenant, 4th Florida Infantry in 2nd Company: a personal interview by John H. Carter, ESQ., of Major Nathan Cutler of the 2nd Main Calvary, USA; and a news item from the local paper, WEST FLORIDA NEWS, dated October 3, 1864, six days after the battle.
The "Marianna Day" booklet will be available Saturday, September 27 at Marianna Monument Park after the Memorial Ceremony at 10 A.M. A contribution of $12.00 will be accepted for the booklet. Funds received will be used to support UDC historical and educational projects. A second printing of the "Marianna Day" booklet is planned. To order a book, contact Jean Brooks at 663-2570 or Nadine Standland at 482-3477.

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