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Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Presbyterian Church Supports Member Serving in Iraq


Tony Golden is a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Marianna who is serving with his Army Reserve Unit as a Chaplain’s Assistant in Camp Bucca in Iraq. In a recent letter to the church he indicated that he and his fellow-soldiers had all that they needed but that they would appreciate help with giving small stuffed animals and small toys to the parents and children in the neighborhood of their camp. The First Presbyterian Church has recently sent four boxes of animals and toys for distribution there, and is continuing until October 5 to collect more. Anyone who would like to help Tony Golden and his fellow-soldiers with this gift of love to the children of Iraq is invited to bring small stuffed animals – new, or gently used but clean – or small toys to the office of the First Presbyterian Church, 4437 Clinton Street, Marianna from Monday through Friday each week. For more information please call the church at 526-2430 or e-mail to or check the church website at

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