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Friday, July 2, 2010

A New Voice on WFBU

With The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) fall 2010 semester quickly approaching, a new voice can be heard coming from the 24/7 WFBU-LP Radio Studio located on the Graceville campus. “I feel like a mad scientist mixing up, changing, and updating the radio station playlist,” stated the new BCF student station manager Justin Grack. “This is going to be so cool”

The previous station manager has been teaching him the operational side of managing the radio station, as well as the fun, live broadcast components, “It was great getting to know the previous manager, Sandy Derrick, and learning all of the intricacies of WFBU. The whole team here at BCF is amazing and I pray God will get all the glory from this new experience.”

As for what can be expected from WFBU in the coming weeks, “We’ve got a concoction of new things going on this fall,” stated Justin. “I have been brainstorming and working to increase student, staff and faculty involvement.” Some new programs have been added to the WFBU programming schedule as well as the continuation of the Graceville High School football games, the 7:00 a.m. Morning Wake-up Call, and the 10:00 a.m. Monday through Wednesday chapel services.

Everyone is invited to tune in to WFBU 94.7 on August 17 to hear Justin and listen to what’s new for the fall 2010 semester. For more information about becoming involved with BCF’s radio station as a volunteer or sponsor call (850) 263-WFBU (9328) or email

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