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Friday, June 11, 2010

Last Defendant in Albert Delk Murder Pleads Guilty

Toriano Decoryell “Corey” Grant
pleads no contest.
By Sid Riley
During 2009 four area men committed a heinous act in Cottondale.  They beat 76 year old Albert Delk to death in the driveway of his home, as they robbed him.  The four who committed this terrible crime were “Corey” Grant, Joshua Pullum, Willie Lloyd III, and Kendrick Brown.  Grant was charged with 2nd degree murder and robbery with a deadly weapon, while the others were charged with robbery with a deadly weapon.  Pullum testified against his co-defendants for a reduced sentence. 
Brown has been sentenced to 30 years, Lloyd went to trial and was found guilty and awaits sentencing, Pullum has pled guilty under the agreement, and awaits sentencing, and Grant is also now awaiting sentencing.  Judge Bill Wright is the judge in the case, and Asst. State Attorney Shad Redmon is the prosecutor. 

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