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Friday, June 18, 2010

Jackson Blue Springs Basin Posters Available

In June, a poster idea initiated by the Jackson Blue Springs Working group, was unveiled.

The informational poster was created with help from the Northwest Florida Water Management district, with photographs by Patrick Casey, text and design by Faith Eidse, and map by Kevin Defosset.

Chipola’s Dr. Santine Cuccio, says, “The purpose of the poster is to educate the community; and define and preserve the Blue Spring Basin. It will appear in offices, libraries, lobbies, schools, and other public places. The poster will be placed in approximately 100 public places.”

Lois Jones, a volunteer with the Florida Caverns State Park, recently used the poster to promote an outdoor worship service at Blue Springs for St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. The posters will be displayed at local businesses, local historical society, government offices, in a subdivision with septic tanks, and in school classrooms.

Dr. Cuccio said, “The message of each poster will bear fruit as people match their care of the land with love of the waters from Jackson Blue Spring.” Chipola professor Alan Tidwell directs the Blue Springs Working Group.

Posters can be obtained from: Northwest Florida Water Management District

81 Water Management Drive, Havana Florida, 32333, or by phoning: 850-539-5999.

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