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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Food-Art-Music-Fireworks- Crafts- and More!

Paint and Pork Spring Festival Scores Another Big Hit With Citizens of Jackson County

By Sid Riley

The seventh annual ‘Paint and Pork” Spring Festival was a big hit last weekend, as thousands arrived at Citizens Lodge Park for the two day event. Some 6500 workers and attendees assembled for community service, family fun, and great food. It was Jackson County at its best, and all of the many volunteers who worked to plan, promote, organize, and conduct the event deserve a huge “THANK YOU” from us all.

As reported to the TIMES by festival committee member Karen King, this year’s event had a total attendance in excess of 6500, with gated paid attendance exceeding 4500 patrons. In addition there were some 28 food vendors serving great food to the crowd, and approximately 60 arts and crafts vendors. There was continuous entertainment, climaxed with a huge fireworks display sponsored by Marianna Toyota.

On the Thursday evening prior to the start of the event, the exclusive “Sampler’s Dinner” had sell out participation, and raised some $6500 in sales. This year was the second year a 5K run was included in the festival, and they had a great turnout. The run was sponsored by Dr. Ben Saunders and coordinated by Margo Lamb.

Then there was all of the action associated with the Arts and Crafts portion of the festival, which was coordinated by Lisa Pelt. This year the winners were:

1st Place: Lindsy Milton
2nd Place: Nancy Zurenda
3rd Place: Judy Brooten

Mixed Media:
1st Place: Rebecca Wynn Gumms
2nd Place: Jeanne Hitchcock
3rd Place: Jennifer Bernier

1st Place: Emanuel Van Willis
2nd Place: Ellen Morris
3rd Place: Tracey Sanders

1st Place: D. Paul Dulaney
2nd Place: Nacona Hamilton
3rd Place: Sara Hargis

1st Place: Kathleen Bush
2nd Place: Dorothy Port
3rd Place: Sandra Voss

1st Place: Debra Menacof
2nd Place: Dawn Prietz
3rd Place: James Bush

1st Place: Murray Dennis
2nd Place: Wayne Wentz
3rd Place: Gus Gustafson

1st Place: Vicki Fuqua
Pre K-2nd Grade
1st Place: Hailey Harrison
2nd Place: Haley Pelt
3rd Place: Shauna Hunter

Mixed Media:
1st Place: Lillie Livingston

1st Place: Lauren Harkins
2nd Place: Taylor Swearingen
3rd Place: Carolena Payne

1st Place: Cady McNeal
2nd Place: Emma Biggers
3rd Place: Isaac Lewis

1st Place: Justin Clikas
2nd Place: Avery Arunakul
3rd Place: Cole Menacof

1st Place: Emma Biggers
2nd Place: Justin Clikas

1st Place: Ryleigh Kunde
2nd Place: Kyla Hunter

3rd - 5th Grade
1st Place: Madison Peacock
2nd Place: Emily Broom
3rd Place: Zebidiah Hunter

Mixed Media
1st Place: Cassie Brown
2nd Place: Zoe Burch
3rd Place: Cassie Brown

1st Place: Mary Beth Harkins
2nd Place: Abigail Jenkins
3rd Place: Wesley Rogers
1st Place: Mathew Ingram
2nd Place: Montana Noble
3rd Place: Cody McNeal

1st Place: Mary Vance Lewis

1st Place: Alyssa Cross
2nd Place: Daniel Tillman
3rd Place: Lea Edge

1st Place: Dillon Melvin
2nd Place: Ethan Sapp

1st Place: Daniel Tillman
2nd Place: Caleb Hawes

6th-8th Grade
1st Place: Miranda Sapp
2nd Place: Lydia Ryzak
3rd Place: Anatasia Brown

Mixed Media:
1st Place: Anne Marie Sapp

1st Place: Anne Marie Sapp
2nd Place: Hannah Plazarin
3rd Place: Gracie Wallace

1st Place: Ashley Hunter
2nd Place: Samuel Lewis
3rd Place: Steve Spence

1st Place: Evan Hunter
2nd Place: Megan Tillman

1st Place: Megan Tillman

9th-12th Grade
1st Place: Tori Scott
2nd Place: Kristi Folds
3rd Place: Kayla Farris

Mixed Media:
1st Place: Joy Wallace

1st Place: Richard Tabor
2nd Place: Joy Wallace
3rd Place: Richard Tabor
1st Place: Elisabeth Fletcher
2nd Place: Lindsay West
3rd Place: Molly Lewis

1st Place: Kristi Folds
2nd Place: Nathan Prietz

1st Place: Nathan Prietz
2nd Place: Caleb Lewis

Marianna Arts Festival
2010 5K Run Results
Male OVERALL Winnners
1st Place: Jesse McGowan
2nd Place: Rusty Branch
3rd Place: John Metzler

Female overall WInners
1st Place: Kristin Peterson
2nd Place: Brianna Merrifield
3rd Place: Lindsey Toole

Male Ages 0-14
1st Place: Charles Lafontaine
2nd Place: Aaron WIlliams
3rd Place: Dante Sonaglia
Male ages 15-19
1st Place: Zachary Brockwer
2nd Place: Patrick Cox
3rd Place: Robert Peacock

Male Ages 20-29
1st Place: Nathan Ebersole
2nd Place: Trey Pleas
3rd Place: Chad Walker

male ages 30-39
1st Place: Mark Clements
2nd Place: Jeremy Edwards
3rd Place: Kit Reagan

male ages 40-49
1st Place: Mark McCarra
2nd Place: David Freni
3rd Place: John Bryan

male ages 50-59
1st Place: Jim Dean
2nd Place: Larry Cobb
3rd Place: Creshull Swilley

male ages 60-69
1st Place: Jimmy Jackson

female ages 0-15
1st Place: Audra Peacock
2nd Place: Sabrina Mandrekas
3rd Place: Ainsley Mercer

FEMALE ages 15-19
1st Place: Taylor Smith
2nd Place: Jordan Sonaglia
3rd Place: Krista Griffin

FEMALE ages 20-29
1st Place: Kacie Rogers
2nd Place: Ashley McGowan
3rd Place: Nikiton Clark

FEMALE ages 30-39
1st Place: Nikki Sims
2nd Place: Kelly Ziglar
3rd Place: Edna Alford

FEMALE ages 40-49
1st Place: Tammy West
2nd Place: Pamela Phelps
3rd Place: Jeanine Meese

FEMALE ages 50-59
1st Place: Janice McLaulin
2nd Place: Dawn Edwards
3rd Place: Jill MIller

FEMALE ages 60-69
1st Place: Patricia Frank
2nd Place: Donna Jackson
3rd Place: Marjorie Morrill

So the sauce has been put back into the cupboard, the splotched cooking apron has been hung on its nail, and the last delicious morsels have been fed to the family dog…..the 2010 Paint and Pork Spring Festival is now over. However the memories of the great food, fun events, thrilling fireworks, and great music and entertainment will linger until next Spring, when Citizens Lodge Park fills with visitors and “April Showers once again bring the Bar-B-Q vendors and cooks to Marianna”.

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