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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Marianna City Commission Meeting Overview

Meeting of July 7, 2009 By Sid Riley
At Tuesday evening’s regular meeting of the Marianna City Commission the following actions were taken:
♦ Designated Ann Roe as Health and Rehab “Employee of the Month”.
♦ Designated Patrolman Tyler Scarbrough as City “Employee of the Month”.
♦ Awarded annual City of Marianna Scholarship to Dustin Miller, son of Ricky and Tami Miller.
♦ Hired Melinda Gay as new Director of Marianna Health and Rehabilitation Center. City Manager, Jim Dean, recommended starting salary of $64,000. Commissioner Roberts felt salary of $72,000 would be more appropriate. Commissioners approved hiring Mrs. Gay at the higher salary.
♦ Commission was presented monthly report from Health and Rehab Center. Occupancy remains high and operations are ahead of budget planning.
♦ Commission reviewed presentation from Matt White regarding needed upgrade of telephone network used by City of Marianna at its seven locations. Four options were presented with varied cost and improved capabilities. Commissioners decided on option which will cost $60,000 for installation, but will reduce annual telephone bills for the city from $25,000 per year to $20,000 per year. This yields a 12.4 ROI on the purchase.
♦ Approved expenditure of $7255 for awarding work to Century Fire Protection for anti-freeze systems for sprinklers over outside pedestrian canopies at the Health and Rehab Center. Commissioner Roberts questioned why the State inspector had issued a citation against the Center for this requirement after fifteen or twenty years of previous inspections without mention of this need. The response was that a new inspector had been hired to perform the inspections by the State, and this inspector was creating new requirements.
♦ Commission tabled request from Rev. Daisy Townsend-Johnson for use of building at the airport for counseling program until proposal is reviewed by the Industrial Development Board.
♦ Approved Ordinance #977 relating to Schools Element of Comprehensive Plan for first reading and advertising.
♦ Approved Ordinance #981 2nd Reading for Florida Public Utilities franchise renewal. Renewal approved with 5-0 vote.
♦ Approved 1st Reading for adoption of annexation of 441 acre parcel north of Chipola River.
♦ Approved leasing of upstairs area in Airport FBO building to Jackson County Sheriff’s Department for use by Drug Task Force. Lease rate $400 per month.
♦ Approved personnel policy changes recommended by City Manager.
♦ Approved bid from Economy Air Conditioning for installation of 2 ton York Air Conditioning unit for Police Department. $3330.00.
♦ Approved Interlocal Agreement with School System.
♦ Required City Manager to obtain bids from all local auto dealers for new vehicle for Hayes Baggett, Chief of Police, prior to purchase. Baggett’s existing vehicle will be used as replacement cruiser, and the new car will not be totally cruiser equipped. $19,553 bid from Chipola Ford was previously submitted.
♦ Approved bid from William Crutchfield for new outside air conditioning unit for Fire Department, $3593.00.
♦ Approved giving small air refill unit which is surplus, to the Sheriff’s Department.
♦ Approved purchase of new dryer at Health and Rehab. Gulf Coast Laundry Sales, $6684.00.
♦ Received report from City Manager on beginning of work to put utilities underground in Court House area. Will be 4-6 months before all permitting and inspections can be processed.
♦ Approved designation of Melvin Engineering as primary city engineering firm for next year. Commissioner Roberts stated more opportunities should be given to some of the newer firms in the local area. Commissioner Wise took exception to remark that the commission was merely “rubber stamping” approval of Melvin Engineering. “We shouldn’t get involved in the City’s management decisions, we should follow the recommendations of staff”, Wise argued.
♦ Approved requesting funding for the two new fire trucks which will be purchased with $100,000 in stimulus funds plus a $216,000 low interest loan. Expenditure $216,000.
♦ City Manager, Jim Dean, reported that the County Commissioners had denied his request for the city and the county to share repair costs of Old Campbellton Road, and then the county assume responsibility for the road since it only serves county residents. Dean stated that work was underway by the City to do as much as possible to fix the road.

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