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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Voice of Chipola Is Getting Louder and Stronger

By Sid Riley

Channel 4 CCTV is growing in popularity in our community
Chipola Television CCTV Channel 4 on cable started operations in 2006 on a very limited budget, with only four hours per day allocated for programming. Today it still operates on a very limited budget, with daily programming increased to ten hours per day.
With 4, 958 cable viewers on the Comcast system, CCTV under the direction of Royce Reagan, is steadily increasing the number of locals that are "tuning in" to Channel 4 to see local people discussing local subjects, and engaging in local events. It is informative, entertaining, interesting, educational, and relative to what local citizens want to experience. As a result, it is gaining in popularity on a daily basis.
At the present time the programming schedule is:
Mornings - 6:30 to 8:30 Mid Day- 11:00 to 1:00 Evenings - 5:00 to 10:00
Among the most popular locally produced shows is "Political Forum" and "River Talk" on Wednesday evenings, Dr. O’Daniel and "Covenant Hospice" on Thursday evenings, and Hospital Talk on medical subjects with Rosie Smith. On weekends the station will be featuring Chipola Basketball, Christmas Parades, and local festivals. Another regular and popular program is "Chipola Talks" by Royce Reagan.
All of this scheduling, taping, and operating is conducted by Reagan and four part time student helpers. "Every family has 2.3 children, and I am employing the .3 part of that number", quips Reagan. "This is a continuing learning process, and we are certainly continuing to learn every day."
Just as Channel 11 television has become an important part of Florida State University operations, we can expect CCTV to continue to grow in popularity and importance at Chipola. Eventually, the operations of the station will become a formal applied teaching program, with course credit awarded to the students who work and learn through the station operations.

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