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Thursday, December 11, 2008

County To Raise Wastewater Rates for Customers

By Sid Riley
107% Rise in electric charges by Florida Public Utilities has created loss situation for county.
The county is currently losing approximately $80,000 per year from its operation of wastewater services. This loss has been created by the significant added cost of electricity for operating the large pumps that are used in the system. The county operates a wastewater delivery system which serves businesses and residences along highway 90 west of Marianna’s city limits, and extending out to the I-10 interchange and the developments in that area. The county’s system pumps this waste into the city’s system for delivery to the new wastewater plant located fifteen miles south of Marianna, near Dry Creek.
Due to the 107% increase this year in electric rates charged by Florida Public Utilities, the customers using this wastewater service will soon receive at least a 20% increase in their rates. These rates will be finalized by the Board of Commissioners in early January. A workshop and subsequent public hearing on this issue is scheduled at 8:00 on January 13, at the County Commission Meeting Room.

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