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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mark Sims Switches Sides 1/1/09

Sims changes "hats", not sure which is the "white hat" and which is the "black hat".
By Sid Riley

Author’s Note: This story also appeared on our front page lasat week. However, while I was writing the story my mind was saying "Mark Sims", but my fingers were typing "Chuck Sims". There are just too many Sims’es out there for me to keep up with! I know Homer, Henry, Hershel, Joynera, Danny, Chuck, and of course MARK! I have appropriately apologized to MARK and his family for my error. I hope this mistake isn’t a sign of "mad cow" starting to occur.

"Hopalong Cassidy" wore a black hat, but he was on the good side…so that even complicates things more", was the quip Sims gave when I kidded him over his dramatically changing roles within the judicial system. After working as a prosecutor for thirteen and one half years, working as hard as he could to put those indicted "bad guys" in jail…Sims has just joined Herman Laramore’s staff of Public Defenders, working to keep those same indicted individuals from unjustly being sent to prison.
There is no question it is a dramatic changing of hats, but which is the white hat and which is the black hat certainly depends on your point of view. "Life is full of new challenges and adventures", Sims stated. "I consider this a time of excitement and am looking forward to working in this role".
Mark Sims was the Chief Assistant State Attorney for Jackson and Calhoun counties under the realm of Steve Meadows. He will now be a full time Public Defender for Calhoun County, working for Herman Laramore. The Calhoun County court in Blountstown is under the jurisdiction of Judge Clark.
Sims is a 1985 graduate of Marianna High School, a graduate of Chipola College in 1989, graduated from FSU in 1991, and earned his Law Degree from the University of Miami in 1995. Upon graduation from Law School Sims went to work in the State Attorney office in the 14th Circuit. He is married to Lori Layne Sims, who attended schools in Blountstown. They have four children, with a fifth one on the way.
We all wish Mark Sims good luck in wearing his new hat. He looks good in both white and black.

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