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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Surf's Up!!

Record Crowd of Over 2,000 At Blue Springs For Memorial Day Opening
By Sid Riley
Somebody must have yelled "SURF’S UP" at Blue Springs on Memorial Day, because a record throng amassed at the popular county park for the opening day of the summer season. Cars were lined up for half a mile on both sides of the Blue Springs Highway, above and below the park entrance as the overflow crowd overfilled the existing parking areas. Additional parking is on the drawing board and will have to be provided as the park continues to grow in popularity.
People were paddling, snorkeling, Bar-B-Qing, sun bathing, volley balling, wading, sitting, standing, eating, sleeping, bikini watching, and a few were even swimming. It was a Memorial Day well spent.
Chuck Hatcher, Director of Parks and Recycling stated that the crowd was a new record for the park, exceeding the 1,590 overflow crowd from last year. He states that some 2,011 people attended the park on its opening day. The improvements made in the facility and the operation of the facility is making Blue Springs Park into a huge area attraction. Our Commissioners, Chuck Hatcher, and his staff all deserve a "thank you" from the citizens of Jackson County for investing time and funds into this attraction.

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