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Thursday, May 29, 2008

BCF Online Programs Continue to Grow

May 29, 2008
You can earn an associate divinity degree from BCF over the internet
The rising trend in continuing education is fueled by the convenience of studying online from the comfort of home or from a remote location. The adaptability of an online degree program fits the busy lifestyle of today’s students especially vocational ministers and active duty service members. The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville, FL continues to lead the way in offering a growing online program providing opportunities for men and women to reach their lifetime educational goals.
According to David Coggins, Director of Distance Learning and Assistant Professor of Leadership, the current BCF online courses are just one of the innovative delivery options available in the Distance Education program. Internet technology has allowed students to study around the world, evident by one current BCF student taking courses from Kosovo. Other options include attending classes at one of the three distance sites located in Pensacola, Jacksonville and Orlando.
Currently, students can receive an Associate of Divinity degree completely online. They can also take the theological classes online needed for a Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Studies. General education courses are expected to be available online in the near future.
In regards to the future of the BCF online program, Coggins commented, "I’m excited about the future. We’ve been doing online work since 1999 and it’s only gotten better. I anticipate it getting a lot better. There will be a lot more options for us to use different technology to enhance our courses."
Students applying and registering for classes online go through the same process as any BCF student. Course schedules and admission procedures can be obtained through the website ( or by contacting the Admissions Office at 800-328-2660 x 460.

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