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Friday, August 13, 2010

Golf Cart Thief Is Rounded Up

On June 19, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Indian Springs Golf Course reporting that two (2) Golf Carts had been stolen. A deputy responded to the scene and learned that two 2009 model green in color Yamaha golf carts had been stolen from the course over the preceeding couple of days. The serial numbers of the carts were enterer into the FCIC/NCIC computer as stolen property.

On July 27, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office aviation unit was flying west of Marianna when they spotted a cart sitting on a lot near Bull Run Lane, west of Marianna. The air unit notified investigators who traveled to the area and located the cart. A check of the serial numbers through the FCIC/NCIC computer revealed that the cart was one of the ones missing from Indian Springs. The cart was recovered and housed at the Sheriff’s Office. After a neighborhood canvas was conducted, information was obtained which led to the subsequent arrest of Jonathan Tipton. The defendant was arrested and charged with grand theft and lodged into the Jackson County Correctional Facility.

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