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Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Officials are Official

By Sid Riley
From Candidate to Elected County Official In 10 Easy Months

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 was the official "swearing in" day for all newly elected county and state officials. Here in Jackson County, it was "raise your hand and repeat after me" time for our newly elected Superintendent of Schools, Lee Miller.
Miller appropriately wanted the ceremony to be held at Golson Elementary, where he has served as Principal for many years. He was given the oath of office by Judge Bill Wright in the school auditorium Tuesday morning before the student body. Miller’s first official public appearance as Superintendent of Schools occurred later that day at the regular meeting of the School Board, where Miller presided. (See Story)
Meanwhile, across town, at almost the same time hands were being raised and oaths of office given to the three elected County Commissioners. Judge Brantley Clark administered the oath of office to new District 5 Commissioner, Kenneth Stephens, and reelected Commissioners Willie Spires and Chuck Lockey.
After the administration of the oath, Chairman Lockey announced that it was then time for the reorganization of the board, by electing a new Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Immediately, Commissioner Crutchfield nominated Chuck Lockey to serve another two year term, and the motion was seconded by Jeremy Branch. During discussion, Chuck Lockey stated that he had enjoyed being the Chairman, and felt honored to be re-nominated, but he felt it was better for the Board and for the citizens of the county if the position was not retained for long periods by one Commissioner. He thus encouraged the Board to nominate another member.
At this point, Crutchfield nominated Jeremy Branch to be the next Chairman of the Jackson County Board of Commissioners. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Spires, and Branch was elected by a 5-0 vote. After taking the chair from Lockey, Branch then opened the floor for nomination of a Vice-Chairman. Crutchfield nominated Commissioner Spires as Vice-Chairman; it was seconded and approved by a 5-0 vote.
The swearing in and reorganization completed, Branch adjourned the meeting.
Note: The Jackson County Times congratulates all elected and re-elected officials and wishes them all great success and profound wisdom as they execute their responsibilities for the citizens of Jackson County.

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