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Friday, November 28, 2008

Meet the Warden at the Federal Penitentiary

By Sid Riley

Chris "Ike" Eichenlaub has been "the man" since September 2.

He has his own little fenced in world…and within that world he is King. That is the way it is inside a prison. At Marianna Federal Correction Institution that man in charge is Chris "Ike" Eichenlab, who took the reigns in September.

A native of a suburb of Philadelphia, and a fourteen year veteran of the Federal Prison system, he is well prepared to take charge of Marianna FCI. He was transferred to Marianna from the FCI in Milan, Michigan. He and his wife of fifteen years, Andrea, are enjoying the opportunity to live in a warmer climate.

Warden Eichenlab attended High School in the Philadelphia area. He first attended Gettysburg College, where he acquired a BA degree. He then moved to the University of Maryland, where he earned his Masters Degree in Criminal Justice.

‘Ike" states that he is enjoying the warm hospitality of the Marianna community, and the relaxed lifestyle that this area offers. So, if you happen to encounter Ike around town, tell him you saw this article and welcome him to Marianna.

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