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Sunday, April 19, 2009

County Commission Meeting Overview

Meeting of April 14, 2009
By Sid Riley
At Tuesday morning’s regular meeting of the Jackson County Board of Commissioners, the following actions were taken:

● Agreed to waive fees for use of Citizens Lodge on May 6 for function honoring Senior Citizens Day.

● Adopted the 2009 Interlocal Agreement for Public Schools Facility Planning and School Concurrency. These plans create procedures for imposing impact fees on new housing projects for the construction of expansions needed by the school system as population grows in the county, as legislated by the State Legislature. (Senate Bill 360)

● Approved designation of April 12-18 as Telecommunications Week, per request from Sheriff’s Office.

● Approved initiation of bidding by Melvin Engineering for improvements at industrial park related to “Project Springs”.

● Approved acceptance of grant funds of $57,720 from U. S. Dept. of Energy for Weatherization Low Income Energy Assistance funding. This is a social program for spending up to $6,500 to accomplish energy saving repairs on homes for low income families.

● Approved including Pike Pond Road in previously approved projects for chipseal paving, cost estimated at $145,000.

● Approved submitting Fillmore Road, Old Spanish Trail, Bridge Creek Road, and Butler Road for funding for 2010/2011 State SCOP resurfacing programs.

● Approved taking legal civil judgment action and foreclosure of lien action against two property owners for code violations. Tracy and Sandy Brunson of Overpass Road in Campbellton, and Robert Navon of Highway 73 in Marianna both set up trailers without permits, in flood designated zones, with no mobile home stamp. Code enforcement has been attempting corrective action from owners for approximately two years with no results. Action was recommended by Code Enforcement Board.

● Approved allowing request for Federal Assistance from Natural Resources Conservation Service for road damages created by storm activity.

● Approved allowing Director of Parks and Recreation, Chuck Hatcher, to apply for grant for purchase of land fronting on Merritts Mill Pond across from Spring Creek Park.

● Approved annual ad valorem tax exemption for Family Dollar Services, per initial agreement for first ten years of operation.

● Approved award of surveying contract for Sylvania Plantation Road Paving Project to Mona Martin Surveying per low bid not to exceed $15,000.

● Authorized re-bid of purchase of communication equipment for new EOC Facility.

● Discussed approach county should take in attempting to participate in Federal Assistance Recovery Act (Stimulus Act). Decided to meet with group which is forming a regional coalition of panhandle counties for submission of projects. Meeting will be as soon as possible.

● Approved use of lawn of Court House for Tea Party demonstration on April 15.

● Approved creation of contingency fund for east landfill requirements, per EPA request. Set up fund of $15,500.

● Received report from County Manager, Ted Lakey, relating to purchase of building adjoining existing County Administration building. Commissioners turned down asking price of $350,000 for consideration.

● Denied request from Apostle Mary Johnson for free use of space for counseling.

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