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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Alyne Pittman’s Granddaughter to Appear On "The View"

Granddaughter of Former Jackson County Supervisor of Elections, Alyne Pittman, is becoming a TV celebrity.
By Sid Riley

Within the next few days you can begin watching for promotional clips on "The View" which feature a beautiful young woman, Jennifer Farrell, who will be redecorating the home of a contestant who won a home makeover by this well known professional decorator and TV personality. Then on Monday, March 9, Jennifer will actually appear on the show to describe what changes she made. She specializes in showing home owners how to dramatically improve their home design while spending a minimum on the project.
What makes this event meaningful to all of us here in Jackson County is the fact that this beautiful rising star, Jennifer Farrell, is the granddaughter of our own local star, Alyne Pittman.
Although Jennifer attended grade and middle schools in Panama City, she and her mother Alyne Farrell were constantly visiting Alyne Pittman in Jackson County. Jennifer attended high school at a performing arts high school in Sarasota, and then graduated from Northwestern University. Her mother currently resides in Gainesville, Florida.
Jennifer’s popularity has been rising rapidly as her national exposure increased on recognized television shows. She was formerly co-host on a home design show called "Merge" which appeared on HGTV (Home and Gardening Television Network). Then she had a show of her own on the AME Channel named "Find and Design". On this show she would explore yard sales and auctions for treasures and then show how they can be used as decorator items in a room makeover.
She was most recently named as the National Television Spokesperson for Big Lots, and is in the process of developing a line of home decorating items bearing her endorsement and name. She may end up being the Martha Stewart of the next decade.
The upcoming show from "The View" will be broadcast from The Walt Disney Studios Legends Plaza. Big Lots will be sponsoring the show. Jennifer will be offering the audience tips on how to freshen the look of your home without spending a lot of money. During these tough economic times, the approach taken by Jennifer in home decorating is gaining in popularity.
So, on Friday March 6 watch for the promo clips, and then be sure and watch the show on Monday, March 9… can be assured her grandmother, Alyne Pittman, will be glued to her television.

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