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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bill Hopkins Wins Prestigious Award 1/15/09

"Mark Out" Coffee Club Gives Special Recognition
By Sid Riley
The "Mark Out" coffee club is the oldest coffee group in Marianna, both in length of existence, and in average age of its members. Started in 1962 by five local businessmen, the club now regularly hosts nearly twenty when it meets each morning at 8:30 at the Gazebo Restaurant. Of those original charter members, only Dick Hinson and Hubert Mitchell are still regular attendees after all of those years.
Through the years the club has been interviewed by several national news organizations in order to get local opinions on issues and elections. These have included ABC, NBC, and NPR.
The name "mark out" comes from a special game which is played each morning to determine which attendee will have to buy the coffee. Accurate records are kept on how many cumulative cups of coffee each member pays for during the year.
At Friday’s meeting a special plaque was presented to Bill Hopkins, owner of Hopkins Pontiac GMC, for being the largest club benefactor for 2008. During last year Bill treated the membership to a near record 374 cups of delicious coffee. Thanks Bill, Keep up the good work!

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